Experiment 7: Clean Up Your Meetings (further clarification)

Hi all

I have had a few questions come in, so just wanted to clarify the instructions for this experiment.

1. Complete the pre-experiment survey here.

2. Now - I had said, “go through your calendar for the last two weeks” BUT if it makes it more sense for you, go through your diary for the coming two weeks and note down all meetings you have coming up. (FYI - if most of your meetings are recurring, it will make sense to use either approach).

3. For each meeting, ask yourself the following three questions:

- Is it required for my job? For example, does it give you information that you couldn’t have learned from reading something? Will it help solve a problem? Will it lead to a critical decision?

- Does it help me move closer to my ideal work life?  For example, will you learn something that will help advance your career or learning?

- Does it bring joy? For example, does it make you feel more connected to co-workers? Is it fun?

4. For all meetings that do not satisfy at least one of these three conditions, eliminate them.

Hope that clears things up!