Where to from here?

Hi fellow experimenters

Times are strange. And crazy. And in amongst all the craziness, I have been trying to think about what’s the best and most appropriate thing to do with My Year of Better. (Not to mention the data is being completely messed up by confounding variables…grrr…hence I am not bothering to do a post-experiment survey for the Recurring Irritants experiment).

Since starting the project a couple of months ago, I’ve realised my focus has shifted from it being about me and improving my own life, to actually being focused more on all of you. There are now over 1700 people that have signed up to be part of this so far. And I feel a weight of responsibility to produce experiments that are unique, interesting, and (hopefully) effective.

To help me decide what to do, I want to know what’s going to serve all of you best. Here are the two options:

  1. I hit the pause button. I suspect that for many of us, 2020 is no longer our Year of Better but instead has become “My Year of Coping-and-getting-through-all-the-crap-the-world-is-throwing-at-us-for-who-knows-how-long”. Perhaps now is not the time to be writing Failure Resumes and looking for Recurring Irritants and other activities that perhaps seem frivolous in light of what’s going on…

  2. I keep going, but with context. I have some fun ideas for experiments around working from home and coping with the social isolation that is probably going to get worse before it gets better. And other things too.

So, I’d love you to vote for your preferred option in the next 48 hours. Just click here - it will take you 30 seconds. And I’ll report back by the end of the week with where we go from here.

Keep safe and keep clean. 

And I hear toilet paper is back in stock…